February 2023

Becoming A Real Estate Property Manager

The option of employing a property manager is available to landowners who own a property but lack the time or expertise to manage the business-related responsibilities needed. In other words, a property manager serves as a liaison between a landlord and a tenant and is in charge of a variety of duties, including maintaining the property. Basically, you need to understand what property management entails...

Buy real estate in Epe – No better time than now!

The proposed construction of an ultra-modern seaport, an international airport, and the Free Trade Zone in Ibeju-Lekki, as well as other key infrastructure in the Epe area of Lagos state, is set to make the Ibeju Lekki-Epe axis the next best location for real estate investors. Recall that on Monday, Jan 23, 2023, the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari commissioned the Lekki Deep Sea Port as well as a...

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