October 2022

Property fraud is real. Don’t become a victim

In the real estate market, as in every other economic sector, there are those that engage in dishonest practices. There are those who claim to be landowners or realtors but are neither.  Sadly, these fraudulent people have refined the skill to such an extent that it could be very challenging for you to recognize their criminal tendencies when making a deal with them. But it's critical to keep...

Things you should never do when buying a property

Real estate investing is both wise and rewarding, but it's vital to remember that there are risks as well. But there are also risk-free ways to invest in real estate, just like with any other business activity. The following are a few things you should not do when purchasing real estate: 1. Without first creating a plan, never begin purchasing or selling real estate. Step back and make a plan, including...

Masterpiece architecture on 150 sqm of land

A 150 sqm modern house There is a popular misconception about small plots of land, particularly 150 sqm. Most people find it hard to accept that beautiful, high rise houses can be built on a 150 sqm plot of land and have conditioned their minds to believe that they can only build their house on a 600 sqm of land for it to really look as beautiful as they have envisioned. To begin, two things need to be...

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